It’s Time to Buy Local


The recent contamination of foreign frozen berries caused uproar in Australia over the standards of imported foods, and people started to rally in support for local farmers. But the question is; why weren’t we already supporting our local farmers and buy local produce?

Mark Aldridge, a former South Australia politician started the Farm Direct Markets due to the support he received at a rally against the way supermarket giants, Coles and Woolworths, and the way they were treating the growers.

“The farmers came and gave way their produce because they couldn’t sell it under contract”, Mark said, and when the public started to buy the produce, it started the markets. The first market was in held Salisbury and is still running every Saturday and Wednesday mornings.

The markets have enabled the public to actually talk to the growers about the produce, which is definitely not something you can do in the supermarket. And to make the markets even better, the farmers are getting KIDS to try the produce! Yes, that’s right, KIDS are eating fruit and veg! That’s automatic brownie points!

Now even though the markets have been so popular that Mark has had to open another two in Gawler and Lightsview, the Government still isn’t on board! In fact, they have rejected two contracts to run markets! And why wouldn’t they be supportive you ask? Well that’s because the markets will only stock AUSTRALIAN produce, and that’s not in line with government policies!

But never fear; Mark will still be rallying for Aussie farmers! If you want to get on board, visit Mark’s website,, for all the details about the markets as well as all of Mark’s other interests.

And you can listen to my full interview will Mark!

And let me know what you think about the government’s lack of support for Australian farmers in the comment section!